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I had no idea this DC animated movie was even out or existed until I listed to the guys from The Bloke Show talk about it on the Geek Fallout podcast during our network Summer Crossover.

I am a huge fan of the animated super hero movies, especially the DC ones. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Marvel may rule the big screen but DC kicks ass on the small screen, and this is no different.

Two words came to mind while watching this movie, HOLY SHIT-BALLS! Well actually it was a lot more profane and quite a bit longer but I thought I’d leave it PG for the blog here.

But really. This is by far the best, most exhilarating DC animated movie yet. I’m not going to spoil it but there were times I felt like I was just got to the top of that hill on a roller coaster and was about to go down. I’m not joking either. This movie actually got my heart rate up. I was scared, pissed, happy and ( for the first third at least) very confused.

I’m still amazed at how adult these films are becoming. With blood death and even one hero having their chest ripped open to reveal their heart, its certainly not for kids. The animation is great though and from what I heard based on designs used in the current NEW 52 line up as well which is pretty cool.

I can not recommend this animated film enough. If you like superheroes or comics even a little do yourself a favor and check this film out. Oh and one last thing before I finish, much like the newest big screen comic book movies, you might want to stay in your seat for the credits.



Elysium Spoiler Free Review

Well to start off I have to admit when I saw the previews for this film I was not sold. I thought: Yet another Matt Damon flick and I am not the biggest fan of Jodie Foster. Not that I have anything against her, it’s just since ‘Silence of the Lambs’ I’ve felt her movies have not been anything special. Also I have not forgiven her for passing on ‘Hannibal’, so having her attached to this flick did not excite me. I actually went to the theatre to watch ‘The Wolverine’, but to my surprise the 12:55 pm showing had been cancelled, and the next best film to watch in my opinion was ‘Elysium’, at least it was sci-fi. 
Well I must say I was more than pleasantly surprised by what I saw. This film was incredible in my humble pie opinion. The trailer pretty much sums up the plot: in the future Earth is in ruins where people fight to survive, while a select few ‘rich’ people live in an Earth-like space station called ‘Elysium’, where there is plenty of food and health care, a definite statement on the elite who control our current day Earth. Matt Damon is dying and needs to get up to Elysium to save himself, and as it turns out the entire Earth population. Matt Damon was perfect in this role and Jodie Foster did an outstanding job playing a French bitch/villain.
The special effects were amazing and not over done. They served the story well. The rest of the supporting cast for the most part were new, but they too did a great job working with Damon & Foster. This film was simple enough yet still great to watch. With a summer filled with sequels and reboots it was nice to see something unique and not overblown by special effects.
Out of all the films I have made the effort to see this summer (Iron Man 3, Star Trek, Man of Steel) this film was probably my favourite.
I give this film a 4.8 rating out of 5. Well worth the price of a ticket.
Be sure to tune in at the end of the month for a special episode of the ‘Geek Fallout’ podcast where we will be discussing the movies we have enjoyed this summer!! Coming the end of August!!
Chris Lockhart

Superman Unbound DVD review


As most comic or superhero lovers know Marvel has been kicking some DC ass when it come to the movie theaters. But what you may not know is that DC actually has been doing the same thing to marvel on the small screen for a few years. DC and Warner Bros Animation have been able to turn out some of the best animated superhero straight to DVD movies ever and their list if amazing TV shows is pretty vast compared to Marvel.

About a year ago it was announced that the latest DC animated movie would be a Superman film and be released shortly before the new Man of Steel movie hit theaters.


Well both have come and gone now and I’m here to give you a very quick review on Superman Unbound.

When I first started the movie the first thing that surprised me was the animation itself. Its quite smooth and not unlike what they have done in the past just a bit more polished. The thing that got me was the new character designs. I really didn’t like the design for Lois at first, and I wasn’t crazy about the way supes looked either. I thought that with the MoS movie coming out shortly they should have made them look like their big screen counterparts more. But I realize that they really have nothing to do with one another so that would have been a mistake and might have been a bit confusing really. Once I got into the movie I got used to them and even ended up really liking the designs after a while.


The plot if the movie, which I won’t spoil, seems to be derived from a few episodes of the old Superman TAS show from the 90s. I really enjoyed it. The one thing that I really love about the newer animated DC movies is how much more adult they are becoming. They show blood and death now. I’m pretty sure this started with Batman: Under The Red Hood, which is amazing and should be seen by all comic fans, and its nice that they are aiming the DVDs at an older audience.

In the end I definitely feel that this is another home run for the DC animation studio. Its a great film with great animation and a pretty good plot. And if you are a fan of the DC or Marvel animated films or comics in general I urge you to watch this film and any of the other DC animated feature you can find. I guarantee you won’t regret watching them.



Pixar is by far the best animation studio there is. They have had countless box office success’s and even the films that weren’t that great still did well in theaters based on the Pixar name alone.

Over the past few years Pixar has started to release and announce numerous sequels to previews movies including: Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Cars and Finding Nemo.

The original Monsters Inc was an amazing movie for both adults and children, I say this after my son watched it everyday for over a month. The new movie is actually a prequel showing how mike and sully met and became friends.

Now this is normally where I would talk about the animation style and let you know how good it is. But, its Pixar so there is really no point since everything they put out looks great.


As I said before the story centers around the beginnings of mike and Sully’s friendship. I really loved the story and the beginning showing why mike wanted to become a scarer was well done. The new characters are great and the movie was really funny. The new backdrop for the movie, Monsters University, was well thought out and has a lot of character in itself. You really feel like they thought of everything. The frat stereotype are hilarious albeit cliche but they make it work, and I thoroughly enjoys seeing younger versions of characters we knew from the the first film.

Over all I would have to say this film improves on the first in every way and can’t wait for my son to see it. If you like Pixar films or are a parent this is 100% a movie you will like and should watch.



Ok, I know this movie has been out for just over a month now, but I thought that it got a really bad wrap so I figured I’d do a quick review for it.

G.I. Joe Retaliation was finally released at the end of June after being delayed for a year due to the studio wanting to “rework the 3d and promote the movie more to non North American markets”. The first movie came out in 2009 and although it was essentially a box office success the movie itself left a lot to be desired.

When the first movie was announced  I was super excited for it and after being at a pretty release screening for it I was sadly disappointed. Now I won’t say I hated the first movie, but it was far from good. I will give the original one thing though, it was a decent popcorn movie.

While the sequel is miles better, I can’t say its a great film. But what I can say is it does a far better justice to the G.I. Joe name than the first did. I had a lot more fun with this film. With around half or more of the original cast gone, thankfully including Marlon Waynes, they recruited a more action worthy cast. The two that, obviously, stand out the most from the new cast members are Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Bruce willis, who play Roadblock and Gen. Joseph Colton respectively.

Not only is the action in this movie better, and almost non stop, but the plot itself is much better. While I won’t get into too much detail I have to say the “Zeus weapons”, effectively satellites that basically drop shit from space to deliver the same destruction as a nuclear bomb with no fallout, are not only cool but actually kind of brilliant. And the weapons and especially vehicles in this movie seem almost right out of the cartoon from the 80s. And by the way, they got Cobra Commanders helmet right this time around. In the original movie his helmet looked nothing like it did from the comics, toys or cartoon. This time around its about as perfect as you can get for a movie adaptation.

For me, I would honestly give this movie a 6/10 a much better effort and fun to watch. The movie is basically carried by The Rock though after being passed the torch by Channing Tatum. Perhaps the most amazing part about this movie though is the new life it seems to have breathed into the franchise, actually I’m excited now after reading that they talking about a third movie with The Rock expressing a desire to return as Roadblock again but the director Jon M Chu will most likely return as well. And even more awesome, though far less likely to actually happen I’m sure, the producer Lorenzo do Bonaventura say he would be willing and like to see a G.I. Joe and Transformers crossover movie.

Though I think its unlikely that this would happen, but with Transformers 4 on the way and Joe 3 a possibility maybe we could see the Joes make an appearance in Transformers 5 as the human military that helps the Transformers. I guess all we can do is hope at this point, but at least its something to dream about.

In the end I enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would after seeing reviews for it. It was a fun action pack time and you can’t go wrong with The Rock and Bruce Willis. I say give it a watch and see for yourself.


Trailer Talk: Jobs


As we all know shortly after the untimely death of one of the greatest CEO’s of all time Steve Jobs died in 2011 a bidding war commenced for the film rights to his life as the creator and CEO of Apple Computers. Now nearly two years later the larger of the two film projects, Jobs , based on his life is almost out and the trailer has come out recently.

Now I’m not the biggest Apple fan. In fact I damn near hate their iOS devices. But I have a massive amount of respect for what Steve Jobs did with the company and the advancements he helped make in the industry. So when he died I started looking up interview and biographies on YouTube. I the ran across a made for TV film called Pirates Of Silicone Valley. If you haven’t seen it yet this is a fantastic movie. It was even rumored for a while that the actor who played Steve Jobs in it would play him in the new Jobs film.

But that was then and this is now. Instead we now have Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs and I must say after watching the trailer he seems to fit the part well.

What are your thoughts on the new Jobs Trailer? Will you be going to see it when it comes out, or will you wait for DVD? Let us know in the comments below.



Man of Steel Movie Review (Spoiler Free…until the end)
For the most part this will be a spoiler free review, with a few specific spoilers at the end of the post, but you will be warned. For the bulk of the post however I will be talking about stuff seen in the movie trailers and previews leading up to the film. So there will be some characters and plot points referenced, so if you have been holding out completely on finding out anything about the film there may be some spoilers for you. But I will not get into plot point specifics, and will generalize as much as I can. So here we go:
I really liked this movie. I would go so far as to say it is my favorite Superman film ever made. Henry Cavill was excellent as Kal-El/Superman. Russell Crowe was phenomenal as Jor-El/Superman’s ‘real’ Dad. Kevin Costner was superb as ‘Pa’ Kent. Amy Adams made an excellent Lois Lane, red hair and all. And finally Michael Shannon made for an excellent General Zod. All in all the casting was amazing.
 This is an origin story and they did a great job telling us where Superman came from. Problem is the writers and Zach Snyder should have kept this a origin story, instead of turning the last half of the movie into a knock down super battle. Not that theres anything wrong with a cool super hero battle movie, but it was just too soon.
Lets back up a bit. From what I remember the first 2 Christopher Reeve ‘Superman’ films were actually written as one movie. First half was to introduce Superman, Krypton, Zod, Lex Luthor and the second half was to be the big battle for Earth. But for budget and timing reasons they split the story into two films which worked. But for this film the filmmakers put both elements together (minus Lex Luthor) and as a result we have a film that was great to start, then turned good (and cluttered) for the second half. 
Again it seemed like the filmmakers were trying to put too much into this first film. No doubt under pressure to perform in a big way to ensure a sequel and perhaps a lead up to a JLA film. It again was still a good film and a feast for the eyes, but at times it was almost too much to follow and felt too heavy.
All in all I loved this film. It could have been better, but overall it was a satisfying return of Superman to the big screen, with a sequel from what I understand has already been green lit.
**** 4 stars out of 5 is the rating I give ‘Man of Steel’. Go see this film. Seeing it on the big screen was definitely awesome! 
I did have a few nitpicks I wanted to get off my chest:
– Too much story for an origin film: Again this film should have focused on the rise of Clark Kent and his eventual role as ‘Superman’ and defender of the Earth. But no sooner does he get the suit and he’s fighting off a Zod invasion. Again Zod should have been saved for the sequel and only seen in the flashbacks on Krypton. Lex Luthor should have been the big bad for an origin story.
– Smallville and Metropolis sure do take a beating in these films. Superman’s battle with Zod saw skyscrapers taken down to the ground…what about the people in the buildings??? I know there was supposed to have been an evacuation but still there had to be someone left in them or near them that would have been killed. Yet Kal-El & Zod battle and buildings are crushed all over the place and your telling me there are no casualties?  In the comics Superman would have went out of his way to ensure the safety of innocents. He would have led Zod away from civilians, not engaged him in battle. True this is a rookie Superman, but you think at the end of the film the death toll would be front page news and people despite being saved by Supes would be questioning how he went about saving them with little regard to human life. At least that is how I felt watching this battle of titans.
– I liked how Lois used her investigative instincts to actually find Superman and his alter ego Clark Kent. It never made sense to me that Lois would never figure out they are the same person, with her being this world famous investigative journalist and all. So I was happy they threw that out the window. However at the end of the film ‘Clark Kent’ decides to work at the Dailey Planet. Why? If you really were Superman and you wanted to help people why would you not make being Superman your fulltime job? When not battling villains he could use his powers to bring food to the hungry, stop people with nuclear weapons, put out forest fires, etc. Why waste time pretending to be a regular person at a regular job? It’s an outdated notion that I was hoping the filmmakers were getting away from.
Well that’s all I got folks. It is a good film and worth watching for sure. I will be watching ‘Pacific Rim’ & ‘ The Wolverine’ later this summer, so expect reviews on them. Till next time, see you in the future!



I remember it like it was yesterday. My parents rented a VCR from “Entertainment Galore”, the local video store, and with the VCR they rented “Return of the Jedi”. The vile gangster Jabba The Hutt kidnaps the lovely Princess Leia, it was a scary situation. That is until Leia comes out wearing a gold bikini and I felt something that I had never felt before. My eyes widened and my heart began to pound, I fell in love with the girl on the TV, the girl in the gold bikini. Carrie Fisher looked amazing and the bikini scenes and pictures stand the test of time. I’ve read that it was in fact George Lucas who designed the bikini and if true let me say to him: Thank you and god bless your brilliance. Not only did George Lucas create the greatest sci-fi franchise of all time but he turned me and millions of guys like me on to women. He opened my eyes to women and made me realize they truly are Gods greatest creation.

I read an article called “50 reasons why Return of the Jedi sucks” and it opened my eyes. It really is the worst of the original trilogy, and here are my reasons why. Ewoks: they suck and their goofball cuteness really wussified the whole freaking franchise. The Imperials should have massacred those Teddy Ruxpin wannabes. Screw cute and cuddly this is Star Wars dammit! One thing I never understood about George Lucas is that this is called ‘Star Wars’…WAR is stated in the title. It would have been cool had we seen some Ewoks explode or something during the battle. You’d think with those Imperial weapons and trooper training they would have taken out more Ewoks than they did. I just think if you are going to call your franchise ‘Star Wars’ you should really make them an adult oriented film, not family friendly. The Wookie battle in ‘Revenge Of The Sith’ was so much better and apparently that’s what Lucas originally had in mind for ‘Return’, but due to budget we were left with Ewoks. Also no matter how hot my first crush was parading around in that gold bikini her acting in that movie was terrible. Carrie Fisher herself later admitted to being all coked up while filming the movie, and I don’t mean she drank too much Coca-Cola folks, I’m talking the white nightmare! And if Jabba the Hutt was really such a vile gangster why would his ’Crew’ be made up of Muppet rejects not cool enough for Sesame Street. Boba Fett was cool but that’s it, the rest were all Muppet’s. Tony Soprano didn’t surround himself with Muppet’s….And Jabba the Hutt sucked, a 1500 pound slug may seem scary on paper but in reality he was just silly, but I did respect Jabba’s eye for women. What was up with Mark Hamill’s hair? He looked like a guy from the 60’s auditioning for “The Beatles”. And lastly the scene when Jabba and his crew were going to throw Luke and everyone into the sarlac pit…I’m I the only one who thought it looked like a huge vagina? In later years George Lucas put a computer generated monster in the pit and called it the sarlac…but the big sand vagina pit is still burned into my mind.

The best Star Wars movie was 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back. Yoda was the only cool Muppet in the original trilogy and the ending, Luke gets his hand cut off and Darth Vader tells him “I am you father”, one of the best scenes in movie history. What a great cliff hanger that was. And Han Solo was the coolest dude in the galaxy and he gets Princess Leia….he’s the man!
End of ‘Jedi’ rant. Live Long & Prosper!
-Chris Lockhart


Hey there fellow blog reader and/or podcast listener, Chrisloc1701 here reviewing his second most anticipated film of 2013, and that is of course ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ (with the most anticipated being ‘Man Of Steel’). I was going to try and do a SPOILER free review but it is just impossible with this film so be warned that there will be specific spoilers after my rating. So read on if you wish or watch the film first then come back. Please be sure to leave me a comment on the blog or the Geek Fallout or Random Nerdness Facebook Pages. So here is the rating:

****1/2 (4.5 Stars Out of 5)
A great film and definitely worth going to the theatre if you are a Trek fan or a fan of action/adventure & space sci-fi. Better than the 2009 film in my opinion. 

Spoilers Review:

Well as stated in the rating I thought this film was better than the 2009 ‘Star Trek’ film. This film had it all: action, suspense, interesting story, good acting, good villains, and Zoe Saldana. There are some die hard Trek fans that hate what JJ Abrams has done with the franchise. Even with this ‘alternate timeline’ there are things that they have been done with these films that cannot be explained away by the creation of a new timeline, but I choose to not think too much and enjoy these films for what they are. What Abrams is doing does not take away from what has come before, as Trek fans we must remember that and continue to support theses  films if we are ever to see Trek return to TV. 

‘New’ Characters & Cast:
Anyway getting back to the film, I really thought it was superb. Loved having Peter Weller on as ‘Admiral Marcus’. Benedict Cumberbatch was an excellent addition to the film, however again getting back to the timeline unexplained changes, I hated the fact he was Khan after all. Ricardo Montalban IS Khan and no recasting is necessary. As much as I loved Cumberbatch in this film and all he brought to it I really wish he had been a different villain. Maybe Khan’s younger brother? Alice Eve is a welcome recast as ‘Carol Marcus’, I just wish she had had more screen time and maybe her and Kirk fall in love. Call me a romantic but I would have loved if they had a love story for those two in this movie. 

‘Old’ Characters & Cast:
Welcome back Leonard Nimoy. Loved his brief cameo in the film and to know that old Spock is still alive and ticking, just wished he had made a ‘William Bell’ cameo on the 5th Season of ‘Fringe’… All the actors were once again excellent in their roles. I really wished Bruce Greenwood hadn’t been killed off so soon. I would loved to have seen him make the death sacrifice to save the ship instead of Kirk. Christopher Pike deserved to go out as a hero. Also would have been good to see Kirk learn a thing or two more about command from his Father figure before he died. Not enough Karl Urban in this film!! He is perhaps the best casting of these films and he was totally under used in this film. Also wanted to thank Mr JJ Abrams for putting Zoe Saldana in several skin tight uniforms in this film, WOW she is HOT!!! 

Nit Picks:
 – I HATE all of Abrams unnecessary lens flares. I know people have joked around about Abrams use of them, but in this film I really noticed them and they really started to annoy me. I know they are intended to bring a sense of realism to the movie experience but I already know I am watching a make believe film, I do not need lens flares to fool me into thinking this is real. 

– The Klingons: Again the change to the timeline by Nero and Old Spock in the 2009 film would not explain why the klingons and their homeworld would look so different. I love their use of helmets but I hated their new look. They looked like a Klingon alien cousin or something. The look sucks and there was nothing wrong with the traditional Trek look to the Klingons. A very unnecessary change on Abrams part. 

Overall it was a great film with a few minor nitpicks. Go see this film! Next up on my list is ‘Man Of Steel’ in June, with a review to follow. 
Live Long & Lens Flares!!

Chris Lockhart


The following is a quick spoiler free review, with just a minor spoiler towards the end of the review. However I am going to be referring to images and plot lines already seen in the trailers leading up to the film, so if you have been avoiding the trailers you may be spoiled by that. But I will not get into specifics about the film itself. 

To be honest I have been having a hard time putting into words how I truly felt about this film. Friends and family have been asking me if it was good. My answers is yes it is a good film. Is it as good as last years ‘Avengers’ as some reviewers have been claiming? No it is not. Is it better than ‘Iron Man 1’? What made Iron Man 1 great was that it was a surprise that no one really was expecting and it set the tone for the forthcoming Marvel films. It was Robert Downey Jr’s triumphant return to acting greatness…so No, Iron Man 3 is not as good as the first film. 

‘Iron Man 3’ is a good film. Robert Downey Jr is great as always as Tony Stark. Gwyneth Paltrow is her usual best as ‘Pepper Potts’. Once again Don Cheadle is great as Colonel Rhodes/’Iron Patriot’ (‘War Machine’ with a paint job) but he again is under used in this film. One reviewer had pointed out that IM3 Director Shane Black had written the ‘Lethal Weapon’ films and that he brought his cop-buddie skills to this film for Cheadle & Downey. But again Cheadle was under played and I would have loved to have seen more interaction between Iron Man & Patriot. Sir Ben Kingsley was excellent in his portrayal of the movie version of the Marvel Comics villain ‘The Mandarin’. However I’m sure die-hard Marvel Comics fans will be outraged by the movie version of the Mandarin. I was never a fan of the comic book character version of the ‘The Mandarin’ so what they did with the movie version didn’t bother me, in fact I loved it. But I’m sure some people will be pissed off with what they did in the film. Jon Favreau returns as ‘Happy Hogan’, but gets almost no screen time. Favreau is great in these films and I wanted to see more of him, but sadly it was not meant to be. Secretly I had hoped if Shane Black was going to go the ‘Lethal Weapon’ route we would have seen Downey/Cheadle & Favreau in the cop buddy sense much like the Gibson/Glover & Pesci ‘Lethal Weapon’ dynamic…maybe in ‘Iron Man 4’…??? Guy Pearce also plays an important role in this film…however I really didn’t care for the character he played in the film. While watching this film I was really wishing Sam Rockwell would have returned for this film playing ‘Justin Hammer’ as he had in ‘Iron Man 2’, but sadly he was absent. Hammer is a character with potential and Rockwell is an amazing actor, so I’m hoping if there is a 4th film he will be in it. 

Overall the story was not that great, it was good but not great. After the incredible origin story seen in ‘Iron Man 1’, and the great story seen in the ‘Avengers’, I expected more from this latest Marvel film, but I didn’t get more. To be honest I’m not sure if this film and it’s story is not much better than ‘Iron Man 2’. But to be clear I thought ‘Iron Man 2’ was a good film too, I know fans have panned that film but I still think it was a good film. Iron Man 3 is as good as the second film. The special effects in this film are amazing, there is definitely a lot of great action sequences to thrill any fan of these films. 

And as always with the Marvel films there is a bonus scene at the end of the credits. (MINOR SPOILER) At the end of the film there is a ‘James Bond’-ish promise at the end of the credits stating in writing ‘Tony Stark will return’. I’m thinking they put that in to put an end to the rumours that Downey would be stepping down from the Marvel films. They could recast I guess, but I doubt it. I’m sure he’ll be back in ‘Avengers 2’, maybe a fourth ‘Iron Man’ film after that. Judging by the box office numbers thus far I’m sure Downey has added greatly to his bank account and will continue to do so by making more Stark appearances. 

I would give this film ***3 Stars out of 5. A good Marvel film, definitely worth going to the theatres to watch. 

Next film I’ll be checking out: ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’. 

See you in the future!!

Chris Lockhart