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I have been an Android user, we’ll addict really, for a few years now. Like alot android users I started out as as iPhone user. I got an iPhone 3Gs and was blown away by what it could do compared to what I was used to on my old Samsung Jack Windows phone.

But alas after a short while i stated seeing the problems with apple phone. Apple fan boys often ask “what would Steve do”, we’ll the answer was simple, only what Steve wanted you to do. In short Apple restricted you to their iTunes store and only apps from the iOS store. On top of that iPhone were already expensive devices for the 8GB models, you say you want more storage? Better mortgage your house to get it.

So safe to say my trip into ifanboy turf was a very short lived experience. Once I got my first Android phone, the Sony Ericsson X 10,  I was immediately in love with all the possibilities that android gives us as consumers.

Want a cheap phone that can run a few apps and that it? No problem. Want a giant phone with a great screen? Got you covered. Want a decent phone with expandable memory so you can decide yourself how much you want to spend for that extra memory? Yes, yes and oh my god yes.

There are so many great things about android, how many different screen sizes shapes and types there are. All the different styles of manufacture overlays. All the different app stores that aren’t run by Google and so so much more.

But as far as I’m concerned the biggest advantage to alot of android phones is the ability to add extra storage through micro SD and yes even USB.

Many Android phones have micro SD card slots allowing you to choose how much memory you need or more over how much you can afford to spend on that memory. For instance, I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 16GB off of kijiji for under $300. While that may seem like a lot if you look at the fact the the 32GB version sells used for around $400+, but like I said you can add extra memory.

With the price of SD storage dropping every month you can now get a good deal on a 32GB card for around $50 or less if you know where to look.

Don’t have that extra money, or does your phone not have an SD card slot. Well there is still an extremely cheap option out there for you. It’s called a USB on the go cable or USB OTG.  While you can’t really find them is stores you can easily pick one up on eBay for under $3. Here are some pictures of what some of the USB OTG cords and hubs look like and look down to the bottom to see other examples as well of what you can do with them.


So once you have the cable what can you do with it? Well the first and most obvious reason for getting on is to add extra storage. I’ve had a few of these for my past couple phone and assuming either you android device supports USB Host or USB mass storage or if you are rooted or running a custom ROM like cyanogen then all you have to do is hook up a USB thumb drive or hard drive and you have all the storage you could ever need. But it doesn’t stop there.

The advantage of USB host mode is that you can hook up just about anything USB to you phone. I myself have used the cord to hook up my PlayStation 3  controller for gaming on the go. You can also hook up a card reader if your traveling and away from a computer to take pictures or files off of Sony Memory sticks, SD Cards, Micro SD and more. If you hook up a powered or non powered USB hub depending on the device you need to hook up you basically have a computer I  your bag. Just hook up a USB hub then add on a keyboard, mouse and hard drive and with some good apps you have all you need to be able to stay connected and get your work or play done on the go anytime anywhere.

This is a very little know advantage to android phone and I just hope that I can help enlighten people of the possibilities when using a cord like this with a supported device. So go out and do a little research to see if it will work with your phone. Oh and by the way, it will also work on your tablet too for more or a computer like experience on the go.






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Chris is joined with new Co-Hosts MissM, Brian and Secret Agent Rich…who’s that? Listen and learn something new about one of our podcasters… We discuss ‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 finale, geeks news and we end the episode with our Top 5 Comedy Movies.

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2 all-new episodes of Geek Fallout this week for the price of 1!! Very exciting times at the GF studio as Chris is joined by a, once lost but now found again ,familiar voice. They are joined by new co-hosts MissM and Brian. We discuss some geek news then we jump into our ‘Top 5’ 80’s Cartoon Villains.

Geek Fallout is a Proud member of The Atomic Geeks Podcast Network.

Keep Calm and venture into the wasteland.

In our ’50th’ episode we discuss some geek news then we each deliver our own ‘Top 5’.

Also this milestone 50th episode also marks the end of an Era as another on of our cohosh must take a bit of a hiatus. Join us for Jeff one last hurrah and stay tuned for “The New Crew” in episode 51 also coming this week.

Geek Fallout is a proud member of The Atomic Geeks Podcast Network.

Keep Calm and venture into the wasteland.

Here are some links to the scenes from Evans Movie Magic Moments top 5 list from our 50th episode last week.

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1. Star Wars!

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