Over the past few weeks I’ve taken a look at a number of Bluetooth speakers, so far my favorite has still been the Headrush Back Beat I reviewed a few months ago, until now.

I recently got a chance to try out the iLive ISB223 which is a relatively small Bluetooth speaker. Its shaped a bit like a rain drop or the silhouette of an egg. The speaker itself features Bluetooth connectivity as well as a 3.5mm aux in jack and comes with a decently long cord for hooking up devices directly to the unit.

It also has a few aces up its sleeve with a USB port for charging your devices volume up and down as well as a play pause button. And as an added bonus it has a built in night light.

But my favorite thing about this speaker is its simplicity. Its one of the fastest and easiest speakers I’ve had to pair with, sans nfc, and there’s no charger cord or block to worry about. That’s right. When you need to charge the speaker you just lift a flap on the back and there is a hidden plug in the back that flips up and you just plug it directly into the wall. Now how easy and awesome is that.

As far as volume goes this is definitely loud enough for about any application. It works great in the car at work and I can even hear it, mostly, when there is a plane getting ready for take off at work.

To be honest the only downside to this speaker is I would have loved a speaker phone option for answering calls on the go. But for $58 at Walmart it really doesn’t get much better than this. I would highly recommend this for anyone. In fact its so good and easy to use I got one for my 65 year old father to use at work for internet radio. A must buy if your looking at Bluetooth speakers this season.

Richard R