Like I mentioned in my last BT speaker review for the iHome IDM8, iHome makes a lot of speakers and accessories. These two Bluetooth speakers are virtually the same with the IBT24 basically being two IBT16’s glued together.

Now, compared to the IDM8, I think these are way cooler looking. They look like “traditional” speakers but are, obviously, much smaller and come in a bunch of cool neon colors as well as black.

I’ll start with the smaller of the two, the IBT16. This is a relatively small speaker. You can hold it in your hand quite easily and it can be packed in a bag easily. For the size the sound is actually very loud. I had no problem hearing this speaker in the car on the highway or at work with the hood fans and equipment going.

One of the really cool things about this speaker is it not only has a audio in jack for direct connection with out Bluetooth, but even has an audio out jack too. The audio out jack can be used to connect another speaker to expand to stereo sound and is a welcome feature.

While the pairing was not as easy as the Sony or Headrush speakers I tried, the volume and price of $50 made it worth while in the end.

The IBT24 is essentially the same speaker. Its merely two of the smaller ones together in a rectangle shape. The size, while not small, is still small enough to pack in a bag or suitcase easily. The battery is, obviously, a bit bigger than the one on the smaller counter part and lasts for days of mild use without needing to be recharged.

Again with this speaker I had a bit of a problem pairing but given that this is a bit louder, possibly the loudest I’ve tested, well worth a bit of hassle for the $70 price. And yes this too has the audio in and audio out for expansion too.

I would definitely recommend both of these speakers to anyone looking for a simple Bluetooth speaker that may only be a speaker, no Bluetooth speakerphone, but for the money are some if the best I’ve tested so far.

Richard R