iHome is one if the better known third party, if not the best known, maker of speakers and accessories for Apple products. As such I took it upon myself to try a few of their products out.

The IDM8 goes for around $60.00 and for that price you get a Bluetooth speaker, no bells or whistles just a plain speaker. While the design is nice I guess, but its just a round speaker, nothing really extraordinary about it.

As for the sound, while its decently loud it lacks nearly any low end. With that being the case the sound ends up being a bit tinny, which is a bit if a shame considering this is a $60 speaker that does nothing but that. While for $50 I got my favorite speaker so far the Headrush which is a bit louder has much better low end, can charge your phone and even acts as a Bluetooth speaker phone.

To add salt to the wound most Bluetooth speakers have an audio in jack to hook up a device directly if Bluetooth is not available. But the IDM8 doesn’t have one. Sure it comes with a charging cord that has a male 3.5mm jack on it so you can do it, but what happens if you loose this cable. I’ll tell you, you’re screwed. And on top of that this speaker was not easy to pair with. It probably took me 4 or 5 attempts to get it to work with my phone, once it was pair however it worked every time, but still that initial pairing was a bit discouraging.

So really I would not recommend this speaker to anyone for any reason unless you can buy it for under $30.

Richard R