That’s right, you read correctly. The old “regular” incandescent light bulb has just about finished its end, at least here in Canada.

I recently read an article that states that the Canadian Government will stop the sale of the old light bulb come the new year. Their plan is to force people to switch over to the still available CFL and LED bulbs which are much more energy efficient. While this is a great plan to save people money long term and the country as a whole, many people I’m sure are or will be up in arms about this.

To make matters worse I was recently at Ikea and heard an announcement that said that by 2016 IKEA will only be selling LED bulbs.

For someone like me, who is tries to be power conscious at home, this is a good thing as it forces me to buy bulbs that are much more efficient.

However I fear that for the majority of people, especially those who don’t know much about CFLs or LED bulb, this will not go over well.

People think that CFL and LED bulbs give off very harsh “fake” white light. That was true long ago, but now you can buy bulbs that give off light that is almost the exact color temperature as incandescent bulbs but at a much lower wattage saving you money, especially if you have a large house with a large family that have the lights on all night.

What most people don’t know, and what manufacturers should promote more, is that on most CFL and LED packaging they have facts and comparisons that look much like the nutritional facts on food. They will tell you how many lumens (how bright) the bulb is and compare that to a regular bulb so you can find a proper replacement. Also more and more packaging for these new bulbs are color coded to show you what color light they will give off. Some have a blue, yellow or white piece on them (usually covering one corner) to help you in replacing that old incandescent bulb perfectly.

Like I said I think that this is a great thing for Canada as it will vastly reduce power costs as a whole for the country over the next year or two as the old bulbs burn out and become unavailable to buy. And the fact that IKEA is going one step further and promising to only sell LEDs by 2016 is amazing as they probably sell more fixtures and bulbs than most if not all store, maybe combined. But I really hope that the manufacturers as well as the government choose to help people better understand how newer CFL and LED bulbs look, how long they last, costs per bulb/cost per year and wattage comparisons as well as how to find the proper color temperature. If they don’t, we might possibly see a fairly large outcry about this once the new year begins.

To help in my own way for the people who read this, please look at the two comparisons below.