With phase one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe all wrapped up now and phase 2  on the way, we are all wondering one thing; will the MCU work with the new more SciFi and fantasy movies like Guardians of the Galaxy on the way.

Well I’m here to tell you that it just might work, brilliantly, at least if the movie studio can follow up what the animation studio has been doing. With Marvel prepping the Guardians, Antman and more for cinematic release it seems they are trying to get the characters into our heads, and more specifically TVs, first. The new Marvel animated TV universe is already here, and its great. The animated show Avengers Earths Mightiest Hero’s is now finished and did not just try, but succeeded in bringing these new characters into the minds of the masses, well the ones that watch cartoons anyway.


First off I must say that if you have not seen this cartoon and you like Marvel characters and properties you are missing out. The show started before the movie came out last year to, I’m assuming, get the avengers team out there. While there are some characters in the shows team who are not in the movies yet, namely Antman, Wasp and Black Panther, we know that they are bringing at least Antman to the big screen which will most likely included Wasp as she is married to him.

***Spoilers for the Avengers cartoon coming up***

With the second season done they have now created an amazing universe where all the characters of Marvel coexist. In the show we not only have the Avengers from the movie ,mostly, still working together. But we also get other characters such as Spiderman, The Winter Soldier and as previously stated Black Panther as well who either will or has been  at least rumored to be showing up in future Marvel movies. Not just that but they also have tied the universe together by mentioning and showing other teams such as the Fantastic Four and the X-men as well. In the new season the biggest threat that has faced the Avengers so far has been the threat of the Kree and the Skrull, who we may get to see in a future Marvel or more likely Fantastic Four movie(Sony owns the rights the the Skrulls as they are a F4 villain). The universe they have created works amazingly on the small screen and every time they bring in a new character like Ultron, Vision or Ms Marvel, as a major super hero fan, I get giddy. Its just so amazing to see all these characters working together believably in a show. I tend to think that Marvel is using this show not only as a testing ground to bring new minor characters to the small screen to see how they work alongside the characters we know from the movies, but also to help people get to know the characters who have movies coming out before they come out.

The examples so far for this theory are the Guardians of the Galaxy and Antman. With the Guardians they brought them in for only one episode and , in a bit of a trope, they start off as villains to the Avengers until they all realize they are on the same side and explain their origin and mission to the Avengers before teaming up to take down the enemy. Not knowing much about the Guardians before this show when Marvel announced they were doing a movie about them I was skeptical. Until I saw the episode featuring them. While the idea of a raccoon and a talking tree that can regenerate itself from ,  seemingly, nothing is not one I think will work on screen, somehow they do make it work on the small screen and it gives me hope for the movie.

With Antman I had a very similar feeling of future failure for the movie. The idea of a man being able to either grow to enormous height or shrink down to almost microscopic size and ride into battle on a flying ant does not only seem unbelievable but also kind of silly. Again though they seem to have made it work in the cartoon fairly well. While i realize this is a cartoon and not the same as a movie it does give me hope for the future release of the Antman movie.

All in all I have to say if the Marvel movie team is able to take a few notes from the animated team when making these new movies then we are all set for an awesome super hero filled future. And if you haven’t seen this show yet do yourself a favor and check it out its pretty epic.