As many of you I’m sure know from reading one of my previous blogs about my daughters birth, I am now a father of two. I have a two year old son and now a new born daughter. As with a vast majority of people I decided that when we had our first child I needed a car. Something economical, safe, and also versatile with room for not only people, but all the new stuff I would need to haul around as a parent. So when my wife and I went car shopping we decided on a Toyota Prius.

The Prius in many ways is the perfect small family car. It has amazing fuel economy, plenty of room in the back for kids, friends or family and because it is a hatchback and the seats fold 60/40, a ton of room for stuff. But now as I venture into the world of having two kids I find myself needing, or rather knowing that I will need, more space. I know that within the next few years I will not only need more room to carry cargo but also people. When my son and or daughter start getting into school or sports I’m sure I will be carting around friends, and at the moment with two car seats in the back, carting anyone in the back who isn’t as thin as a model is a tough sell.

And of coarse that got me thinking of a minivan. Sure I could opt for something like the Prius V or another wagon. But the mini van is so versatile and has so much room that they are hard to beat as a family hauler.

Then, recently my wife’s uncle and his family went minivan shopping. And as I talked to him about what the options were, it occurred to me that there aren’t as many mini vans out there as there used to be.

As a child that was born in the 80s around the same time the mini van was, I grew up seeing mini vans everywhere. It seemed to me as a kid that one if not two of every five cars was a van. But these days you don’t see as many, well at least not new ones anyway. The family hauler has changed for some reason. Now it seems that more companies are putting their efforts into SUVs and crossovers than minivans, and personally I think that minivans are the way to go for a family.

One of the main reasons that I think the minivan is really the best option is the sliding door. Its really the best option for small spaces or even for getting car seats in and out as they give you far more room than a regular door could. Another reason is price. For the most part it seems to me that vans are much more affordable than other options out there and give you more seats, space and cargo room for your money.

If the mini van is to come back I think there is one area that it seems every other company and type of car has moved into that the mini van has been left out of for no apparent reason: Hybrids. You can get everything from a compact, full size or even SUVs and crossovers as a hybrid option but in my research the only place you can get a hybrid mini van is in Japan and it starts at just over $50,000. I have no idea why they would not make a hybrid mini van. To me it seems like a no brainer. They have the room to put the batteries and if you are pulling around your family and their stuff why not get the best mpg while doing it.

I can tell you one thing for sure though, if I ever move closer to my job or the city, or can get a second car, it will be a mini van. Whether or not i can get a hybrid version ( and trust me, if i can i will), there is just something about them for a family that is just so much better in my view than a large SUV. And really, when was the last time you saw a Suburban with Stow-and-go seats?