I’ve heard and seen a lot about Bluetooth wireless speakers. Both through friends and via online review from sites like Twit. I mean they look like a great idea. Being able to take music with you anywhere and not have to listen to it on headphones or have it hooked up to a speaker with wires and a power cord.

Until recently I’d never had any experience with them. Sure I had one of those little battery powered “ball” speakers you can get in Bud Light cases, but that’s as close as I got. Until last week when one of my friends bought one of then on sale from The Source.

I was able to borrow it from him for a few days and was immensely impressed. He got the Headrush Backbeat speaker for $69.99 down from $99.99.

I have to say for $70 this is an amazing deal. Not only is the sound quality pretty damn good for something of its size but its actually louder than you would expect too.

The unit itself has two small speakers on the front and a small “subwoofer” on the back that actually has a bit of kick to it. In fact part of the reason I wanted to borrow it was because the FM transmitter I have for my car broke and this actually works well in the car, its loud enough to hear even over the road noise.

Its interface it extremely simple with only four buttons: two volume buttons and a Bluetooth speakerphone button on one end and a power switch with four small lights to indicate various things on the other. It also has an aux in jack if your device doesn’t have Bluetooth and even a USB out to charge your phone from the speakers 1500mh battery.

The specs on The Source site says the speaker can play music for up to twelve hours and I’d say that’s pretty accurate. Even when I charged my phone with it after using it for a few hours, I got a 30% charge before I disconected it, it still lasted another few hours.

While the speaker phone feature isn’t the greatest it does work and I guess it can be handy although I would just use my phone instead and get better quality anyway.

Over all for the price I was really impressed especially with the fact that you can charge your device on the go if you need to and due to the fact that the speaker charges with a micro USB and has a USB out you can charge both your phone and the speaker at the same time while only using one plug. If I had to find a few con’s for the speaker, I guess it would be nice if it could be a bit louder and water resistant. But really for the price you pay this is more than one would expect.

If your in the market for a cheap wireless Bluetooth speaker and live in Canada I would definitely recommend this speaker. Oh and by the way, at the time I am writing this on Sunday September 15th, its on sale again, now for $49.99 at The Source. A definite buy.

Richard R