More and more these days people are connected and consuming media. Heck even our kids as young as toddlers know how to use tablets, I know mine does.

And with mobile becoming more and more a part of our live we consume more media on the go. Unfortunately the days of unlimited data are gone and though it may come back again wireless data packages are notoriously expensive. To make things worse we are now seeing a major trend of our media storage switching over to “the cloud” and while that is great at home and good for some things on the go, media is not really one if them unless you can afford a great data plan.

Enter the Sandisk wireless media drive. The drive, which fits in the palm of your hand, runs for 79.99 for 32gb and 99.99 for 64gb and can serve media to devices on the go. You can even put HD videos on it watch them off of it which is pretty impressive. Basically its a self contained Network Storage Device (Nas Drive) on the go.

The drive has its own battery to power itself while you are on the road which can last between 6-8hrs which is pretty damn good. It also had an SD car slot so you can expand the device even more or take the card out of your phone/tablet/camera and see and share pictures and video without the need of a computer.

Having something like this around on a road trip would make a big difference. You could put movies for the kids, music for you and when you camera or phone gets full and you remember that you forgot your charger or even don’t have your laptop, just hook up to the device via its personal WiFi hotspot and empty your device on to it.

I honestly think that this is one of the BEST gadgets to come out in a very, very long time. If you, like me, tend to fill you phone/tablet memory on a weekly basis this is a perfect solution and I will definitely be picking one up when I can.