As some of you may know already Amazon made a TV pilot for a show based on the movie Zombieland that came out a few years ago. And I figured I’d give it a chance and let you know my thoughts on weather or not this should be put into production as a full season or whether it should be sentenced to disappear like so many pilots before.

Now this pilot has been out for a while now ,but since I am Canadian and it was only available on Amazon Instant it was rather hard to watch, but thanks to the darker side if the internet I now have.

Now the original Zombieland movie was a success because not only was it a zombie film but it was funny and had a great cast. One if the things that was unique about the film was “The List” on how to survive in Zombieland which showed up in various areas of the screen in giant letters.

The TV pilot does not have any of the same cast as the movie though and that is truly sad. If they were able to get even one or two if them to return it definitely would have helped the show a lot. So with no returning cast that leaves the shows success up to how funny it is and how well they can implement the use of “The List”.

Well I’m glad to say they did seem to pull it together on those two aspects fairly well to my surprise. While not as funny as the movie, it still has its moments and the list is put into place and used exactly like the movie and dare I say it almost better. The thing I love about this is the fact that it could be a weekly show. I would really enjoy seeing all if the different rules to surviving in a zombie infested world. The plot is basically the four character from the film finally deciding to search for survivors. How they go about finding and trying to save them is pretty damn funny and to be honest I would tune in every week for a show like this.

In the end, while it wasn’t great, it was better than I expected and I would watch this if it were a full series. If you happen to be in the U.S or are a Amazon Instant subscriber I urge you to watch this pilot and give it a high rating as Amazon is weighing in on how the audience rates the show before going through with a full season.