I had no idea this DC animated movie was even out or existed until I listed to the guys from The Bloke Show talk about it on the Geek Fallout podcast during our network Summer Crossover.

I am a huge fan of the animated super hero movies, especially the DC ones. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Marvel may rule the big screen but DC kicks ass on the small screen, and this is no different.

Two words came to mind while watching this movie, HOLY SHIT-BALLS! Well actually it was a lot more profane and quite a bit longer but I thought I’d leave it PG for the blog here.

But really. This is by far the best, most exhilarating DC animated movie yet. I’m not going to spoil it but there were times I felt like I was just got to the top of that hill on a roller coaster and was about to go down. I’m not joking either. This movie actually got my heart rate up. I was scared, pissed, happy and ( for the first third at least) very confused.

I’m still amazed at how adult these films are becoming. With blood death and even one hero having their chest ripped open to reveal their heart, its certainly not for kids. The animation is great though and from what I heard based on designs used in the current NEW 52 line up as well which is pretty cool.

I can not recommend this animated film enough. If you like superheroes or comics even a little do yourself a favor and check this film out. Oh and one last thing before I finish, much like the newest big screen comic book movies, you might want to stay in your seat for the credits.