With two kids, two jobs and a two hour daily commute I have to choose what I watch carefully. And to make things more difficult for me I haven’t had cable in a few years now so I have to find new shows either by word of mouth, seeing commercials at work or by chance online. I first heard about The Hero on Twitter. I read that The Rock was going to hosting his own reality show. As a wrestling fan and more over a pretty major Rock fan I was instantly interested.

After watching WWE Raw a few days later and seeing the end of a commercial I knew I had to check it out. So I scoured the internet and managed to find the first episode on YouTube of all places. I have to say I was not only impressed but also hooked immediately.

The shows premise is basically a giant contest to find out who is The Hero and to win up to $1,000,000. To do this the nine contestants have to participate in challenges that put their courage, bravery, and morality to the test. You see not only do they have to end our physical challenges but also mental ones as well.

So far there have been three types of challenges:

Team challenge: consists of 6 contestants
The Hero challenge: consists of one of the 6 contestants from the team challenge if they won.
Moral challenge: a secret challenge The Rock puts on one contestant that will benefit them but hold back the team.

I love the physicality of the show. People scaling down massive sky scrappers and climbing up the spires at the top. Or a scavenger hunt in one of the most chaotic cities in South America. Even navigating a cave filled with spiders in the complete dark to get to the $50,000 in cash in a backpack.

Not only are the physical parts of the show awesome but the moral challenges add a cool twist to the show. One of the first ways they do this is by allowing the winner of The Hero’s challenge ($50,000 prize) the option of either putting the money in the pot to make the grand prize for the finalist bigger, or they can keep it for them selves. Another way they can do this is get ahold of one contestant who stayed behind while the team challenge is happening and offer them $35,000. They can take the money and no one will ever know, but if they do it makes the team challenge harder.

All this sneaking around adds a level of love and hate that you will undoubtedly have towards the characters for taking or not taking the money. And to make things more interesting, the audience votes people off the show.

All in all this is a pretty cool reality show and I will definitely keep watching. I love the premise, and the challenges, plus The Rock makes a great host. If you get a chance check it out on TV or online. Its definitely an interesting show that is worth watching.