As most comic or superhero lovers know Marvel has been kicking some DC ass when it come to the movie theaters. But what you may not know is that DC actually has been doing the same thing to marvel on the small screen for a few years. DC and Warner Bros Animation have been able to turn out some of the best animated superhero straight to DVD movies ever and their list if amazing TV shows is pretty vast compared to Marvel.

About a year ago it was announced that the latest DC animated movie would be a Superman film and be released shortly before the new Man of Steel movie hit theaters.


Well both have come and gone now and I’m here to give you a very quick review on Superman Unbound.

When I first started the movie the first thing that surprised me was the animation itself. Its quite smooth and not unlike what they have done in the past just a bit more polished. The thing that got me was the new character designs. I really didn’t like the design for Lois at first, and I wasn’t crazy about the way supes looked either. I thought that with the MoS movie coming out shortly they should have made them look like their big screen counterparts more. But I realize that they really have nothing to do with one another so that would have been a mistake and might have been a bit confusing really. Once I got into the movie I got used to them and even ended up really liking the designs after a while.


The plot if the movie, which I won’t spoil, seems to be derived from a few episodes of the old Superman TAS show from the 90s. I really enjoyed it. The one thing that I really love about the newer animated DC movies is how much more adult they are becoming. They show blood and death now. I’m pretty sure this started with Batman: Under The Red Hood, which is amazing and should be seen by all comic fans, and its nice that they are aiming the DVDs at an older audience.

In the end I definitely feel that this is another home run for the DC animation studio. Its a great film with great animation and a pretty good plot. And if you are a fan of the DC or Marvel animated films or comics in general I urge you to watch this film and any of the other DC animated feature you can find. I guarantee you won’t regret watching them.