Pixar is by far the best animation studio there is. They have had countless box office success’s and even the films that weren’t that great still did well in theaters based on the Pixar name alone.

Over the past few years Pixar has started to release and announce numerous sequels to previews movies including: Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Cars and Finding Nemo.

The original Monsters Inc was an amazing movie for both adults and children, I say this after my son watched it everyday for over a month. The new movie is actually a prequel showing how mike and sully met and became friends.

Now this is normally where I would talk about the animation style and let you know how good it is. But, its Pixar so there is really no point since everything they put out looks great.


As I said before the story centers around the beginnings of mike and Sully’s friendship. I really loved the story and the beginning showing why mike wanted to become a scarer was well done. The new characters are great and the movie was really funny. The new backdrop for the movie, Monsters University, was well thought out and has a lot of character in itself. You really feel like they thought of everything. The frat stereotype are hilarious albeit cliche but they make it work, and I thoroughly enjoys seeing younger versions of characters we knew from the the first film.

Over all I would have to say this film improves on the first in every way and can’t wait for my son to see it. If you like Pixar films or are a parent this is 100% a movie you will like and should watch.