Well E3 has come and gone and with it we are all left with the massive desire to play all those amazing games and get our hands on the new hardware as soon as we can.

I know that by the time I post this almost a month will have passed since E3 but I thought that I would give you my thoughts on both the major press conferences.

I ended up watching both Sony and MS conferences in full so yes, that’s almost 4 hours of video. I watched the Xbox one(no pun intended) first since I’ve been more of an Xbox person before and after their reveal that’s the one I was most excited about.

After the full hour and a half long video I have to say while the graphics looks good, I wasn’t completely sold on the One. I honestly expected more. The games looked good but there wasn’t a major wow factor for me. Sure they showed a 30 second clip for a new Halo game, ya we didn’t see that coming. But it just didn’t woe me like I expected. Though I was kinda happy that Killer Instinct is back.

For the Xbox I have to be honest after the reveal and the E3 press conference I’m more inclined yo buy it as a media center. And until they show more of what the kinect does I’m not shelling out five hundred dollars for it. And I know that they have now retracted their policy on always being connected and not being able to resell used games without a fee, but I think saying that in the first place will hurt its sales no matter what they have said or done now.

As for the PlayStation 4, I have to say for me, its the console I will most likely be buying. not only did the games get me more excited but the graphics, to me, looked more polished than the Xbox One. And the fact that its a hundred dollars cheaper and has basically all the same system specs is definitely a plus for the console.
I think for both these consoles, as with any it will come down to the games available at launch as well as the price. So Sony may have the upper hand on price but is Microsoft can get more exclusives out the door at launch, or even have more games that at least look better they may just come out on top at launch. Though I mist say that that one hundred dollar price hike for the Xbox one will make a difference no matter how many or how good the games are so I’m hoping Microsoft can find a way to drop the price to be inline with the PS4.