A few days ago rumors started coming out that Verizon Wireless, the largest wireless carrier in the US, wants to buy Wind Mobile for upwards of $700 million. On top of this there are also talks of Verizon being in the early stages of talking to Mobilicity, another stand alone Canadian mobile carrier, as well about a buy out.

Canadians have three main mobile carriers, Rogers, Telus and Bell. Unfortunately they have monopolized the mobile industry and basically killed all possibility of competition. Sure we have a lot of smaller carriers, but most if them are subsidiaries owned by “the big three” anyway so again, no competition.

However if Verizon was to enter the Canadian mobile space it could and would be a game changer for the Canadian mobile space. They could, in theory, come to the Canadian market and, with their mass amount of money and influence, buy more spectrum and increase the size and area of the Wind infrastructure to the point where it could be a national network. Even just the rumor of this shook the Canadian mobile market with stocks of “the big three” falling upwards of nine percent.

If they were able to do something like that and maintain the prices and plans Wind has now, they could take a vast percentage of customers from other companies and essentially cripple them until they lowered their prices or increased the value you get for said dollars. I know in the states there are a few truly unlimited plans and beyond that the value for your dollar is a lot better from what I hear from friends there.

So I must say that this news makes me very excited for the possible future of Canadian cellular companies.