So some of you may know that I have recently had a daughter. My daughter was actually born at 32 weeks at a weight of 3.5lbs and thus was in the NICU at two different hospitals until she could gain and maintain weight as well as a few other things. She is now home with us and its very surreal for me to now have two amazing children.

Since she was born I have been running around a lot trying to get our house prepared, bring stuff into the city from our country home and take my son to the park as much as possible to give my wife time to be with our daughter as much as possible. Thankfully this has all been made easier by the amazing people at The Ronald Mcdonald house. We originally did not meet their criteria, but after speaking to a social worker at the hospital we managed to get in. The Ronald Mcdonald house is meant for parents and families who have children in the hospital who do not live in Ottawa and need a place to stay during their time of need.

And I must say without the help of the amazing people and the organization itself having our daughter in the hospital would have been extremely difficult and expensive especially with my full time work schedule. But thanks to RMH a few social workers and a lot of help from family members we have made it through and our daughter left the hospital for the first time since she was born 20days ago and came home with us.

Now with some adjustments to how we handle and juggle looking after two children things can finally get back to normal. And if I’m lucky and can manage to find the time I just may be able to catch up on some news and blogs. So the next few blogs I post may be slightly out of date, but they are just my takes on what has been happening in the world of geeks news as well as just some random things I have wanted to write about.

Before I end this quick update on what I have been up to since my last blog post I must say again that I would be in a very bad place right now if it were not for the help of The Ronald Mcdonald House. So the next time you are at McDonalds getting a meal for you and your family please donate your spare change. Even if its only a quarter every bit helps for people in need and since we have been here we have met a lot of people who would not be able to get the help they need for their kids or be able to get them to the right hospitals without the help of RMH.