The following is a comic book movie idea that I would love to see adapted to the big screen: Mark Waid & Alex Ross’s mini-series ‘Kingdom Come’.


For those of you who do not know what I am talking about ‘Kingdom Come’ was a mini-series set in the not so distant future in the DC Universe where a new breed of out-of-control super heroes have replaced Superman and company. But Superman and Wonder Woman and others have decided to come out of retirement to put an end to the madness this new generation of heroes has created and restore faith and order in the world. This leads to a epic battle between the faction of heroes Superman has created and a faction of heroes that follow Batman (who may not be on the same page as Supes). Lex Luthor has again assembled a group of villains to combat against Superman’s quest for order, and Lex even forms an unlikely alliance with Batman!!?? Also there is an epic battle between the elder Superman and the still young and powerful Captain Marvel (Shazam). I recommend this comic book as a great read, I bought the trade paperback. This would make an excellent move and I would love to see ‘Mad Men’s Jon Hamm play ‘Captain Marvel’ and maybe George Clooney as ‘Superman’. Bryan Cranston (‘Breaking Bad’) would make an excellent ‘Batman’. Michelle Ryan (2007’s Bionic Woman) is a prime candidate to play Wonder Woman.
See u in the future!! May the force be with Mr. Spock!
Chris Lockhart