So its finally been revealed. After a year or so of rampant rumors and speculation Microsoft revealed the Xbox one on Tuesday may 21st and boy is it a doozy.

While I am not as big of a gamer as I used to be this one hour press conference got me even more excited than the PlayStation 4 reveal a while back that was more than double the length.

Yes its more powerful, faster, and better spec wise in every way…duh! And while they didn’t actually show off too many games or even how some of the games they did talk work or are about, they showed off a lot of the new media services and feature and for me that was enough to make me want to start saving immediately.


First thing is first, its bluray equipped. So they have finally joined the future and that’s about the only thing they could do anyway. They also built in an HDMI in and out so the One can act as a pass through for your TV and as a “cable box” and with the kinect you can actually just say out loud “Xbox watch ABC” or something like that and it will go to that channel. They have also built in a version of the windows 8 snap mode so you can watch TV, movies or play a game and snap a new app to the side third of the screen and say have a Skype call while playing a game or search the internet while watching a movie. They have also made the Xbox glass app work with this feature as well so you can use your phone or tablet to navigate the picture in picture app which is pretty awesome.

Microsoft also announce a partnership with ESPN and NFL so you can have all sorts of interactive experiences while watching games. The examples they showed were for fantasy football or basketball. So if one of the players you have on your fantasy game scores a point it will automatically updated to your team and a notification will pop up on screen and if you haven’t been watching the game where it happened you can watch replays of how they got that point so you can raz your friends about how awesome your team is. While I’m not a sports guy this is pretty freaking cool. But what really got me excited about this is the fact that they said ” if we can do this with sports imaging what we can do with the golden globes, political debates and other popular events”. I would love to be able to have a Oscars game where you pick who or what will win certain categories and your points are updated live while they are announced and then you can chat with your friends while you watch.

Another thing they mentioned was a new, Steven Spielberg produced, interactive Halo TV show. They didn’t mention any specifics about this but if they can pull it off this could be a big selling point for the One and could garner in more shows and games that interact with one another based on views reaction or gamers actions in the game.

There is still much more to come from Microsoft at E3 in a few weeks in June where they will announce more features, more games including many new exclusive IP’s and hopefully a solid 2013 release date and price.

Stay tuned for more come E3.