Just ran across this a few minutes ago while reading some headlines before bed and it really has me torn.


Smart Pj’s. Invented by a father of six to make bedtime more fun, these PJs are covered in about 47 different dot patters that actually work like QR codes when scanned into an accompanying app. When you scan a certain set of dots or “code” within a few seconds a story will start on you device. They have many different titles ranging from Brothers Grimm to Mother Goose stories and even “educational offerings” as well. And at $25 per set, its not a horrible price if your kid isn’t growing out of them on a month to month basis.

Here is a link to a promotional video showing off how it works.

I’m a father of a 22month old boy and I know how important bed time stories can be. My son loves having books read to him and even more when you let him “read” the story to you. We have shelves and shelves of books for him and he very much enjoys going and finding a book for us to read together. So why take that away?

Well the geek in me obviously thinks this is pretty cool. Scan a code get a book. They have the words scrolling across the screen so you can read together and even have a narrator too if your too lazy to read it out loud. But the father in me sees this as an excuse to disengage from your child. To take the pleasure she or he gets from running to the shelf and finding that one story they love. Or even worse a chance for lazy parents to be even lazier by buying these PJs and then just giving their kids the phone and letting them read themselves to bed with a phone instead of engaging them with it or better yet a real book.

I personally think if your are going to do something like this at all why not have a real physical book that is filled with pictures of the front cover for a book and a QR code. At least that way they get to choose.

I guess I’m just ranting here but this just seems lazy to me. What do you think? Let us know by leaving us a comment below.