Recently the WWE announced a deal with Yahoo to carry exclusive online content after their contract with YouTube went unrenewed. This deal includes a 30 minute pre-show for Raw and all Pay per view events, access to the WWE archives of historic matches show and highlights and even two new weekly series produced exclusively for Yahoo.

The WWE had a simaler deal with YouTube until the contract ran out recently and since their efforts towards their own Network “WWE Network” have not gone as well as hoped since they announce it would go live in “2012”, I guess that had to figure out yet another stop gap for their programming until they get their network in the air.

Since they announced their network plan back in 2011, WWE have had multiple shows ready for their network. Now a year after the date they said they would launch they have had to dispurse this content where they can until cable and data lite companies pick up their planned network.

But with this new deal with Yahoo comes a small light at the end of a slowly collapsing tunnel for Yahoo. Over the past number of years Yahoo has squandered their value, brands and services and all but stopped all buyout attempts because they thought they were being “undervalued”. Idiots. A few years ago Microsoft was willing to buy them for around 50 billion dollars, shortly there after they are valued at around 17 billion.

Since then Yahoo has had to undergo massive layoffs and has been playing CEO musical chairs. But with the announcement of this deal maybe this could be the start of a small turn around for their media side by piggy backing on the WWE fans backs, as well as others.

Yahoo has has some good media over the past year or two with appearances by some of Hollywood’s most note able actors. Now with this announcement they have the WWE, access to Saturday Night Live clips, ABC News shows and even some new comedies inclue

Lastly, Losing Your Virginity with John Stamos will be co-executive-produced by the Full House star and documentarian Morgan Spurlock, and feature celebrity guests recounting their first sexual experiences.