Finally the other day Ouya came out and announced that they do have an exclusive game that will only be on the Ouya. It is developed by the same people who did Portal, so right there people will be interested at the very least. Ouya needed this bad and now they have it.

The game, called Soul Fjord, is developed by Kim Swift(designer of Portal) and Airtight Games. The game was describes as a “randomly generated dungeon crawler with a rhythm based combat system”. From what I read it will be a mix of Norse mythology and 70s funk.


Here is a quote that describes the story of the game:

“In Soul Fjord, you play as Magnus Jones, a legendary warrior valiantly slain in battle,” Ouya teased in a post published this week. “When the Valkyries arrive to bring him to Valhalla, the hottest club in Yggdrasil, they reveal that Magnus has been left off the guest list–and won’t be invited to Ragnarok, the party that’ll end the world. Magnus must fight his way up the World Tree to salvage his reputation as the baddest Viking in town, and gain access to Valhalla.”

Sounds pretty interesting, weird but interesting. I watched the Trailer for the game and I have to say I do like the graphic style. While it won’t blow you away with the best graphics ever it is very colorful and fun looking. This is definitely a step in the right direction. While I know I said in my last post that this is one thing they needed to be able to be successful, I do think that this is only one thing they need.

First off while they now have one exclusive they definitely need more. A console cant be successful on one game alone. And while this may help them in the beginning they need to keep the momentum going with more exclusive games both before launch to build hype and anticipation and after launch to keep people interested. And like I said before they need to streamline and tweak their Ouya store. From what I have seen it is simple, which is good. But at the same time I have read and hear that it doesn’t mention the price of games when you go to buy a full version or new levels for a game which is definitely a major problem.

As for the future of android gaming, with the nearing launch of the Ouya and Game Stick it is looking very bright right now. I personally think that if the Ouya turns out to be very profitable that they should get into the cheap dedicated handheld android gaming market.

The android gaming “console” wasn’t started with the Ouya, though they seem to be the first to try it as a console. Android gaming tablets have been around for a while and now there are a bunch of android tablets that resemble oversized PlayStation Vitas.

By that I mean that there are companies who build a tablet and build in controls like dpads analog sticks and the usual game controller buttons and triggers to make an actual mobile console. I really believe that this could be a viable option for both the Ouya company in the future and other companies as long as they keep them relatively cheap and give them fairly decent hardware so that they can run all of the top android games.

Some examples of the dedicated android mobile “consoles” would be:

Archos Gamepad

The Dea My Play Tablet(Sold at Walmart)

And the many you can get from china. These two are from a company called JXD and are clearly meant to look like the PSP and Wii U Tablet Controller

With systems like these ranging from $80-200 android gaming creating seems like a increasingly viable platform compared to something like the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita which takes years of R&D and millions of dollars to produce and then cost a lot for the console and upwards of $60 for a single game. Compare that to cheap touch screens and cell phone hardware and a free OS that has a mass amount of free games and paid games already there that you don’t have to pay to develop and in my eyes you have a real winner.

Say goodbye to the Gameboy. Its time to meet the Droidboy.