So a few weeks ago I was listening to The Atomic Geeks Podcast and they were talking about a new Heineken beer bottle that had LED lights in it that would light up when you “clink” or “cheers” another bottle or glass and could also be set to respond to music by flashing with the beat. While I commend Heineken for trying something new , albeit dumb, to roster up some attention, I think that their product will only be popular in clubs and bars and even then I don’t think people who don’t like or drink their beer will buy it just because the bottle lights up.

Enter the “Buddy Cup” by Budweiser.


The buddy cup is a new social media device to help you make new friends on Facebook. The cup has a chip in it that, once you “clink” or “cheers” cups with another persons buddy cup, will automatically make you and your new pal friends on Facebook. I actually think this is interesting and can make meeting new people, or rather making sure you are able to remember who they are or keep in contact with them, easier.

The cup works by scanning a QR code on the bottom of the cup with an accompanying app and pairing the cup with your phone and Facebook account. Then when you knock buddy cups, a confirmation LED lights up and viola! New Facebook friend.

Definitely an interesting concept. Don’t know when or if it will come to North America as the article I read said it was developed by Budweiser Brazil, but one can hope I guess.