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For the lovers of webOS the above statement which was a dream has finally come to fruition. Early last year there was talk of bringing Open Mobile’s ACL software to the TouchPad. For those of you who need a refresher course, this is essentially where android apps run on the webOS ecosystem.

For all of this to happen took a lot of pestering, multitudes of email and conference calls for all of this come full circle; and my friends it has come back around to you. The Open Mobile ACL software is up and running on a TouchPad and now our friends at PIC (Phoenix International Communications) are ready to bring it to the masses. The team at PIC has put its talons into the TouchPad and has pulled it from the ashes.
The history of the TouchPad as you know has been through many trials and tribulations after a certain CEO killed the hardware and almost webOS. Then HP hired Meg Whitman as its new CEO and there were plans to keep it going. Perhaps to give us a tablet with the hardware and apps we all had been crying for. As it turns out they would not or could not make it happen. Then they started the tedious task of breaking up the webOS division through various layoffs and moving them around, they creating a new division: Gram.
Gram is comprised of a group of whip smart developers and engineers that had the job of carrying the torch of webOS and Enyo. Alas, webOS became a lonely tumbleweed rolling through a deserted western town. Although the folks at Gram were still using its inner workings and marketing it with Enyo, it was a way to build apps on any platform. Forward many months later and that idea of something new belongs to LG. So look for your webOS toaster or washer and dryer soon.
You’d think we’d lose hope after this. Balderdash! Not if you are a true webOS fan. Because out in the distance among the twisted wires and cracked gorilla screens, there were still people who believed it could happen.  Miraculously it has emerged from all that from the digital clutter in the universe into the hands of the Phoenix (PIC).
A few hard webOS fans who felt the big corporations could not give us what we wanted and they thought hey, we’ll do it ourselves. Phoenix International Communications was started up by a small group of determined webOS fans, who were then joined by developers, engineers, marketers, designers, and others from practically any occupation you can think to make this unfold before your eyes. PIC in the beginning was thought of a joke, a lot of people thought they could never produce this, but who’s laughing now?

Click the link below to their Kickstarter Campaign for exclusive video. That is a HP TouchPad running the Open Mobile ACL software; and it’s real. The ACL software on the TouchPad is in its alpha stage and from what I have seen it’s a pretty good alpha, but they want to go further and that’s where you come in.
Starting today PIC has a Kickstarter campaign that requires donations to develop products and services further with Open Mobile. Their goal is to have this have this running on every TouchPad; and this is just the beginning my friends. Head on over to the PIC campaign page and look at what they are offering and developing. You’re welcome 🙂

TeckieGirl 🙂