Over the past few years as smart phones and tablets have taken over our lives and connected us even more to social media we have seen more and more gadgets that not only help us with our daily activities but also post about these activities to sites like Facebook.

One great example of this are devices like the Nike armbands and the fit bit bands. Sure they track how many steps you take and when you sleep and give you all sorts of stats and graphs and that’s all well and good. My question is why we need to post our stats to our social media sites. And now we have all manner of gadgets that will post stats for you. But what takes it too far? Is it the fridge that posts when you bought milk, or the washer and dryer that tell people how often you do laundry and how much water you use, or even the WiFi enabled scale that tells people how much weight you lost last week.

For my money its this.


I ran across this device on Popsci.com today. Its called the Bactrack Mobile. Its basically a hand held breathalyzer that has Bluetooth to connect to your smart device of choice to show your blood alcohol level and then can post it to Facebook or twitter. This definitely goes too far. Why do I care if my friend “John Doe” on Facebook has a blood alcohol level of 1.9? I don’t, so what’s the point in adding this functionality? I’ll admit that some of the feature might be cool to use and some of the data could be fun to see while drinking with your friends. But it doesn’t need to be posted to a social media site. NO ONE CARES!

I might be alone in this so please if you have a different point of view on this or similar product please let me know in the comments below. And if you want to read more about this device here is the link to the article I read on Popsci.com